Questions with the website

Use our website, your own brain and the rest of the internet to find the answers to these questions. It will help you to improve your research capabilities, and you will find out interesting facts about Britain and its people.


Before starting with the actual questions, answer these two:


What is your first impression of Britain?


What were some of the preconceptions you had about a British person?


If you have answered the questions above, please continue with the ones below.


Where will the next summer Olympics be held?


Can you think of a reason why children shouldn’t wear uniforms in school?


Sometimes even more is eaten with the full breakfast (than the things mentioned in website). Find 2 more things.


What is Cockney?


Mention the school stages an English person has to go through.


Why do schools want students to wear uniforms?


If the British drink beer, what kind of beer do they usually drink and what’s its color?


Who invented rugby, where was it invented and when was it invented?


Where does the Queen live?


In Britain, driving is different. Can you tell how and why?


Find 10 interesting sights to visit in London.


What’s the language called that is spoken in Ireland and Scotland?


What is the highest point in Britain?


What do you call the Scottish national instrument?


When was the official British newspaper, The Times, published for the very first time?


What is the national sport of England?


The first polo game that we know of, was held quite a while ago, when was it held?


What do the British celebrate on the fifth of November?