British food and drink


Britain is the second most tea drinking country on the planet. Each person drinks more than 2 kilos of tea every year, that are around 165 millions cups each day everyone drinks together! Tea became really popular in Britain around the 1800’s, when India was a part of the British Empire. India is still one of the biggest producers of tea today.


A nice cup of tea.


The tea is usually very strong and served with milk and biscuits. This is the traditional British way of making tea. You can try it yourselves if you would like.


- Boil some fresh cold water.

- Put some of the water in the teapot to make it warm and then pour that water away.

- Put one teaspoon of tea in the pot per person and add one extra.

- Pour boiling water into the pot and leave it for a few minutes.

- The tea is ready to be served!





Britain is also well known for its ales. An ale or 'bitter' has a very brown colour and tastes a lot stronger that regular beer. Bitter is served in pubs.



Typical British, an ale with almost no foam on top.


Fish and chips


Fish and chips is a popular take-away food in Great Britain. It consists of deep-fried fish, usually cod in batter or breadcrumbs with deep-fried pieces of potatoe.


A take-away portion of fish and chips.


Full breakfast

A full breakfast is a traditional cooked meal, most of the time eaten at breakfast, but also often served at other times during the day for example lunch. A full breakfast is also known as bacon and eggs and traditional breakfast.


A full breakfast consists of: toast, fried bacon, scrambled eggs, baked beans, baked tomatoe, sausage and fried mushrooms.


You will be pretty stuffed if you finish all that up!


Yorkshire pudding


Yorkshire pudding is a dish that originally comes from Yorkshire, England. It is made from batter and usually served with roast beef and gravy.


Yorkshire pudding is cooked by pouring a thin batter made from flour, eggs, butter, milk and seasoning into a preheated greased baking tin containing very hot fat or oil and baking at very high heat until it has risen and browned.


Yorkshire pudding with gravy and beef. The rolls on the bottom right of the plate are the puddings.

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